About Schmidty's

Nate and Denise Schmidt started Schmidty's Burgers in 2014. They established Schmidtys after realizing they wanted to model their business after Denise's parents, Kathy and Bud Hodges, who ran Grumpy's Burgers in Auburn, California. They understood that they were in charge of managing a business, and they were confident they would.

In particular, at the intersection of Lakeside and 4th Street, Schmidty's has located the ideal location in the heart of downtown Coeur D'Alene, Idaho, to launch its business! Since a few of Nate and Denise's kids worked for them often, Schmidty's has always been a family-friendly establishment! Since its opening, locals have consistently made Schmidty's their go-to place for burgers. The atmosphere is unique, the service is outstanding, and the food is delicious.

Fast forward to January 2020. The roof of Schmidty's Burgers and other commercial structures caught fire one late evening due to an electrical malfunction. A call informing Nate and Denise of their business arrived early in the morning. They were devastated. Everything that had been their business for six years was gone. Almost nothing survived the fire. Fortunately, no one got hurt. For a few weeks, the owners were unable to enter their shop and collect the remains. When they finally received permission to do so, the only thing that remained was the initial $1 bill from the opening.

However, Nate and Denise knew this was what they wanted to do, so they never gave up hope. Finding the ideal location for Schmidty's was made even more challenging by COVID-19's appearance following the fire. Fortunately, they discovered another excellent location downtown on Sherman Ave in Coeur d'Alene in 2021. The location they selected provided customers with even more parking, a cleaner environment, hardwood floors, etc. They needed to begin building in order to make this area functional for their requirements. In order to create a restaurant, they constructed everything inside, and in January of 2022 they reopened the burger joint. Schmidty's is once again open and waiting for you to stop by and savor a mouthwatering burger created by the owners themselves. At 16th and Sherman Ave, the new place is situated. They cannot wait to see you!